Deck the halls with fine components

Ornamental Components 08

Ever since our wine charm project, we’ve been amassing an ever-growing collection of interesting-looking electronic components. It turns out that they happen to make pretty good Christmas tree ornaments.

Ornamental Components 03

Here we have what appears to be a high-voltage film capacitor.

Ornamental Components 06

You can usually find cool vintage parts at local electronics stores. (More precisely, at local electronics stores that do not sell cell phones.) Electronics and ham radio swap meets are also good sources.

If you don’t have any of these locally, you might also be able to find some goodies by participating in the TGIMBOEJ project.

Ornamental Components 10

Check out the paint job on this old high-power resistor. Not exactly what you get on a reel of parts these days.

Ornamental Components 02

Ornamental Components 09

Ornamental Components 04

Ornamental Components 07

Ornamental Components 05

Ornamental Components 01

A couple more holiday projects that you might be interested in: Christmas Chaos— with reflective christmas ornaments, and our LED Micro-Readerboard project, which also makes a pretty good ornament.

6 thoughts on “Deck the halls with fine components

  1. I love it. Can you come to my house and decorate my tree? :-)

    One suggestion – LED lights would be a nice addition to the tree. Maybe shiftbrites? :-)

  2. I’d dig some components out of my junk box, but I don’t actually have a tree. Hmm…I got another idea though. If I get some time in the next couple weeks I’ll put something cool together.

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