A History of the Sky

A history of the sky

Ken Murphy’s A History of the Sky is a fantastic art project recording, collecting, and displaying time-lapse movies of the San Francisco sky.

The movies are displayed side-by-side in high definition– one little video for each day –and synchronized to show the same time of day in each movie. It’s simply stunning to see the progression in the length of the days as the seasons change.

Here is Ken’s video introducing the project, still very much a work in progress:

(Direct YouTube Link)

The technical aspects of this project are nothing to sneeze at either, involving weatherproofing a digital camera, tiny and large linux computers, design for high reliability, video processing, and big data sets. Ken’s site has the details. It’s an excellent set of hacks in service of an beautiful project; we look forward to seeing it complete.

Love this project as much as we do? You can help support it through Kickstarter.

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  1. Around 2:00 minutes, someone walks in front of one of the cameras (middle, about 3/4’s down)

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