HP Sauce

HP Sauce - 2

HP Sauce - 1

HP Sauce - 4

HP Sauce - 5

There. Fixed that for you.

HP Sauce is a popular condiment in the UK and Canada, though now made by Heinz (yes, that Heinz) in the Netherlands.

It says you can use it on pretty much anything– not sure that my printer will taste that much better with sauce on it, though.

11 thoughts on “HP Sauce

  1. Haha, brilliant. HP Sauce is my absolute most favouritest condiment <3 :D

  2. I can guarantee HP sauce will make your printer taste better. Not great but better…

  3. Oh I am a little disappointed, I thought you were going to show me how to hack a cartridge so I can print brownsauce

  4. I always joked when I first saw "HP Sauce" that I also needed "PC Load Letter Sauce" (What does that mean?!)

  5. HP stands, saucily speaking, for Houses of Parliament (in case you didn’t know, which I didn’t for years despite hailing from the city itself)

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