Maker Faire NY 2010: Preview Pix

MF Setup, NY 2010 - 85

We’re out here in Queens for Maker Faire NY 2010, at the New York Hall of Science– which is also the former 1964-65 World’s Fair grounds. Amazing location, and it’s amazing to see everything coming together for this weekend.

MF Setup, NY 2010 - 65

You can see more pictures from today in this photo set. We’ll hope to see you there this weekend as well!

5 thoughts on “Maker Faire NY 2010: Preview Pix

  1. Great pictures. Thank you.

    What pen was used in the Egg-Bot to write on those ornaments? They are beautiful.

    1. The "sparkly" ornaments were not actually made with a pen. They are silver ornaments that were spray-painted black. We put an experimental diamond-engraving tool in the eggbot (where the pen normally goes) and used it to selectively etch away the paint.

      Windell H. Oskay

  2. Wow, that brings back the memories. I haven’t been in the Hall of Science since 1965 when it was still part of the World’s Fair. There were a lot of neat exhibits there. I may have spent my radioactive dime(*), but I still have my memories.

    (*) Yes, they would irradiate a dime for you. Was it in a cyclotron? (My high school had one, though by then the idea of exposing high school kids to cyclotron irradiated who knows what had gone out of fashion, so we never got to use it. No wonder so many kids started smoking pot and growing their hair long.)

  3. Visited your booth but you guys were already packing up. Mine was a toy theater booth on the upper level of the North wing. Got caught up in a lot of ArcAttack lines but it actually made it easier to talk to some of the kids. I was frustrated that none of the adults standing around me played with your LED’s! I was sticking my hand every where because I love LED’s. Am trying to develop fires and flames for the miniature world as one of my sidelines. I wish we had all had more time to meet and visit. I was still building my booth during the networking event which none of the helpers knew anything about. Still–Valerie was wonderful. Got everything I needed with kindness and enthusiasm. I believe your group has been with them for quite awhile. Like this current website design, too. Sorry we couldn’t meet.

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