Peggy Clock Contest: The end is near!

Some of the contest entries

The deadline for our Peggy 2 Clock Concept Contest is midnight, tomorrow (Tuesday) evening. Some of the existing entries are shown above, and they haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s possible.

We’ve got fourteen prizes, including awesome soldering kits and exclusive Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories sew-on patches. All you need to do to get one? Show us a clever way to display the time on a Peggy 2 LED matrix display. Let’s see those clocks!

7 thoughts on “Peggy Clock Contest: The end is near!

  1. Can’t see the pictures because they are on a private page… need to make them public if you want us to be able to see.

  2. Not much point in visiting the Flickr page, the image is the same size as the embedded one and, therefore, just as illegible. :-(

    1. Once you get on Flickr, you need to search on the tags for the contest, namely peggyclock or #peggyclock . Once you search on those, the results page will look strikingly similar to the image that Windell posted on here. You can then surf through the individual entries as you see fit and as strikes your fancy.

  3. I have noticed my entry is only visible to those signed in to flickr. Any ideas why? my entry has two images, peggyvictoria and peggywaterloo. I uploaded them as public, but can only see them when signed in (as anyone, not just me, my colleague can see them once he has signed in). I would hate to damage my chances!


    1. There should be an icon in the information pane below your image, where the copyright and EXIF data are shown, that states whether or not the image is public.

      If you mean that you’ve tagged the photos with "peggyclock", but they don’t show up in the "peggyclock" tag search, then that’s unfortunately somewhat normal. Mine didn’t show up in the public search for a few hours, mostly because I had a new account. There’s information on Flickr’s FAQ about tag search results and stuff like that.

      The LAST thing you should do is re-upload them, though. I would imagine that the upload date/time is the determinator of whether or not entries were received by the deadline.

    2. I see this, and it’s a very real problem. Turns out that if your account is new– as defined by the fact that you have uploaded fewer than five images –no one can see your images unless they’re signed in, except by direct link to the image. This is a weird and kind of bad rule.

      However, rest assured that *we* see your entries, and that’s what counts during judging. ;)

      Windell H. Oskay

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