Eggbot Egg Roundup!

Happy Easter! Here’s a round up of some of the amazing things that people have been making with their Egg-Bot Kits.

Reddit Logo Egg by our friend bbum, who also posted about his fun with the Eggbot.

Reddit Logo Egg

Crane Egg design by Nick Purser for Eastern Eggs, a site raising money for Red Cross Japan by selling artist designs printed by Eggbot onto wooden eggs. They’ve had some beautiful designs contributed–go check them out!

Oscar the Grouch by RoboGenius who has posted a bunch of mods and plots on flickr.

Raster Basket by Pete Prodoehl of Rasterweb, who has been posting his many adventures with Eggbot and posting designs like the Egg Egg on Thingiverse. He also plotted an open hardware logo egg.

Raster Eggs!

The wonderful Nutrition Label by Dan Newman. We can’t say enough nice things about the work Dan has done with the Eggbot project.

Nutrition Facts for 1 large Egg (50g)

Op art egg, also by Dan.

More Eggbot Op Art (face on)

Yuri’s Egg by Gaelen.

Filled in Yuri Egg

Goose Egg by John Deckert.

Easter Eggs

Citroen Egg by @stinajonsson.

A basket of eggs by Niclas Lardh.

Egg painting

Larry’s Eggbot and eggs at Milwaukee Maker Space grand opening by geemo88.

Larry's Egg Bot creations

Eggbot plotting on flickr by Pez King.


Eggbot draws beanworld on youtube.

i will draw on your eggs… on youtube.

Chalkboard Egg by b.light.

Hello World

Excellent chicken design by Matthew Gardiner, photo from Ars Electronica.


Let us know about your favorites in the comments, and post your pictures in the Eggbot Flickr Pool!

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  1. Are you kidding… there is an egg bot? I’ve been creating inferior eggs with my hands all these years. If only I knew.

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