Some gems from the 555 Contest

This spring, we’ve had the honor to help judge the 555 Contest organized by Jeri Ellsworth and Chris Gammell.

Now that the scores have been received from final-round celebrity judges Hans Camenzind and Forrest Mims, Jeri and Chris will be announcing the results of the contest live on uStream, today (Wednesday April 20) at 9 pm EST.

To help get you in the mood for the results, here are just a few of our favorites that you may not have seen, in no particular order– hopefully some of these will be amongst the winners!

A beautiful working model of a 555 constructed of discrete components installed in the Encyclopedia of Integrated Circuits.


555 Timer based Music Box Player

LED Dominoes

Flashus Bulbus, an array of blinking bulbs

555 Adding Machine by Alan Yates

555 AM Radio by Eric Schlaepfer:

Rather brilliant 555-based POV display by Michael Noland, writes out “555” in space, using nothing but 555s:

This Atari Punk Sequencer just rocks; check out the video.

Pavel Hanak built the most pure 555 circuits that we’ve ever seen: Astable Multivibrators Built Solely From 555s. No external resistors or capacitors, just the internal resistance and capacitance of up to 20 additional 555s. (Clearly an insane genius!)

So that’s just a taste of all the awesomeness from this contest– we hope you’ll tune in
live on uStream, today (Wednesday April 20) at 9 pm EST to see the winners.