Maker Faire Detroit 2011


We’ve put up a set of photos from Maker Faire Detroit for your enjoyment. The dragon above was one of our favorites.

Power chain fingers

Articulated hand from servo motors, fishing line, and energy chain.

Easy Cheese Printer

HackPittsburgh used the Easy Cheese nozzle for direct and easy cheesy printing.

Steam bike

The Henry Ford staff were running some of their replica vehicles, including this steam motor bike.

Power Races

The Power Races were highly entertaining.

Power Races

This racer from OmniCorpDetroit even rickrolled the crowd.

You can find a few more Maker Faire pictures in the flickr set.

Chrysler Museum

We’ve also posted a few brightwork pictures from the Walter P. Chrysler Museum for those chrome lovers out there.

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  1. Wow. I usually come here expecting cool tech, so that hood ornament completely blind sided me. Whatever happened to style, indeed.

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