Play Tennis for Two in Florida and Arizona

The folks at the hackerspace FamiLAB in Central Florida just wrote about how they used our
Tennis for Two article to make a working demo for the Retro Arcade event on Saturday in conjunction with the Games People Play:
The Evolution of Video Games
exhibit at the Orange County Regional History Center.

Tennis for Two was one of the earliest electronic games, dating back to 1958, so it’s a perfect fit for the exhibit. If you’re in the area, go try it out!

Update: HeatSync Labs in Arizona is having a retro gaming night on Thursday, July 21, and will also have a Tennis for Two available for play!

1 thought on “Play Tennis for Two in Florida and Arizona

  1. When I read "Play Tennis for Two in Florida and Arizona" my first thought was that someone finally retrofitted Higinbotham’s gaming platform into a MMOG version… You know, like the very hackable PlayStation Network.
    Oh well, still interesting article.
    So… anyone know how to port analog logic to TCP/IP? ;)

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