RoboBrrd at Maker Faire!

IMG_2546 - Version 2

Meet the newest addition to the flock of RoboBrrds at Maker Faire: RoboBrrd Phoenix! If you are going to Maker Faire, be sure to see it in person at my RoboBrrd table (located with the other robot tables)! Read on for a few more sneak peek photos…

Here you can see where the controller board can fit inside of the RoboBrrd. The Diavolino matches the colour theme quite well!

IMG_2549 - Version 2

The material is 1/8 inch MDF, which makes it really durable but also lightweight! It took a very long time to determine what material would be best for RoboBrrd. Some attempts were made with thicker MDF, poplar, basswood, wood, and more.

IMG_2557 - Version 2

The laser cutting for this is quite detailed. Designed to look like flames.

IMG_2552 - Version 2

For the Robot Party this week, it will depend on the internet at the event centre. It would be cool to broadcast live at the end of Maker Faire Education Day, but we will see how it works out! Circle us on Google+ for up to date information.

That’s all for the sneak peeks for now! Hope to see everyone at Maker Faire!