Twitter controlled Eggbotted LED Ornaments

AJ Fisher posted an incredibly thorough write-up about his Twitter/Raspberry Pi/Arduino controlled LED lit Eggbot decorated Christmas tree ornaments. Each ornament would light up when twitter keywords represented by their icons were being used.

In the words of a friend of ours, “It makes me feel as though there are people all over the world celebrating with their family and friends just like we are, and you’ve brought them all into the room with us” – and if that’s not what doing this sort of technology is all about then I don’t know what is.

The article includes techniques he used, links to his code, source vector art, and so much more.

2 thoughts on “Twitter controlled Eggbotted LED Ornaments

  1. Neat! Canadian Tire did a giant Christmas tree like this last year in Union Square. The lights would blink and change colours when people used their social media pages or tweeted certian words- candy cande made the lights on the tree turn into red and white stripes. Very fun.

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