Vote for Ladyada!

Vote for Limor Fried for Entrepreneur of 2012

Our friend Limor Fried of Adafruit Industries is a finalist in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur of 2012 contest. Head on over and vote! (Yes, we’re sorry–facebook login required.)

Update: As our commenters have pointed out, now you can also vote by texting 170116 to 22333!

5 thoughts on “Vote for Ladyada!

  1. it’s not fair to Limor to have voting only on facebook, or to the others for that matter. Many of the people who might be inclined to vote are too smart to be using that facebook crap.

  2. I agree with the complaint about Facebook. I don’t use it and never will. I want to vote for Limor, but I can’t. I love her web site and buy her products – it’s all the voting I can do – at this time.

  3. No Facebook needed now! Text 170116 to 22333 to vote for Limor “Ladyada” Fried for Entrepreneur of 2012… I did and it seems to have worked.

  4. Horray! I just texted a facebook-free vote for Lady Ada!
    Please text 170116 to 22333 to vote for Limor.

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