3D printed cookie rollers

George Hart sent us a link to his incredible Escher cookie roller project. The project “provides a customizable method of producing cookies that are imprinted with an individual’s favorite frieze patterns and tessellations.”

He and co-consipirator Robert Hanson have provided software for generating STL files to produce 3D printed tessellated cookie or clay rollers, and they’ve even posted a few of their sample STL files.

The process of using an imprinted roller to create patterns on clay dates back to ancient times. Using modern tools including image processing software and 3D printers allows recreation of the ancient patterns, as well as the creation of completely new ones.

6 thoughts on “3D printed cookie rollers

  1. I grew up with Escher in my childhood. There where in Amsterdam (the Netherlalnds) many buildings with his designs to watch.
    So it’s awesome to see that somebody is making a project that is like his own work. Very awesome and cool. thank you for the sharing.XD

  2. The latest Science News has a story on 3D printing and what it can do. (They missed CandyFab, though.)

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