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Michael wrote in to say:

I ordered a Bulbdial Clock kit from your company on Wednesday Feb 7, 2013; it was waiting for me at the door on the 9th. Suffice it to say that I was extremely pleased with the rapid shipment of the product.

Following the html instructions I was able to assemble the project without errors the first time and got a working Bulbdial clock in about 2 hours (my whole family thinks it is cool).

Once again thanks for being there for an old kit builder.

Thanks, Michael!

1 thought on “From the mailbag

  1. Another satisfied Michael here,

    I bought a Egg-Bot a few years ago and printed out a copy of the instructions to guide me through the process. Now, I was the son who would read the complex, horrible instruction manuals, interpret the bad grammar, spelling and illustrations to decipher what you were supposed to do. So I’ve seen my fair share of bad manuals.

    But the Egg-Bot manual was a thing of beauty. Big, full color pictures telling you not only what you were doing, but why you were doing it. The first step in assembling the Egg-Bot is de-burring the laser cut parts, complete with a technique on how to do it and a blurb explaining it. My jaw hit the floor, a lesser company would have completely skipped this important (for the quality of the product) step, or said some non-sensical safety statement like ‘WARNING SHARP EDGES always wear NFPA-70E approved protective safety shoes while looking within 25 milliradians of EddBort Advance Decise’.

    The real manual continued on and remains, without a doubt, the single best instruction manual I have seen in my life. My deep thanks Evil Mad Scientists, you brightened my day and I wish you made more of the manuals I’ve had to interpret throughout my life.

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