In-circuit emulator for the 555

555- ICE

After building up one of our Three Fives kits, Ed wrote in to say:

I have been an electronics hobby enthusiast for well over 45 years building many, many kits, hacking my own stuff, others’ stuff, designing projects, etc.  I have to say, your Three-Fives kit is truly the nicest commercially available kit I have ever had the privilege of assembling.

I was inspired to create a small, flexible wire harness with an 8-pin header on the end to effectively create an “In-Circuit Emulator” interface.  You can prototype a circuit and then quickly pull the chip and insert the “ICE probe” and use a scope to probe any part of the chip you want to see what’s going on “under the hood.”

Thanks to Ed for sharing his project with us— and what a cool idea!