A wafer full of ‘328s

Eric Weddington and a wafer of ATmega328s

Eric Weddington of Atmel shows off a wafer full of ATmega328P chips (as found in Arduino and many of our own kits) at Maker Faire New York.

ATmega328 wafer

That’s about 1500 chips on an eight inch wafer, and not something you see every day!

5 thoughts on “A wafer full of ‘328s

  1. It appears that embedding is not enabled for these photos, as I see only notices that “This image or video is currently unavailable” (in 8 different languages). Upon clicking on them, however, they are both viewable on Flickr.

  2. Sorry about the flickr problem–I’ve tried again and it looks good from my array of browsers. Let me know if anyone continues to have problems after refreshing.

  3. Interesting..
    NOW, how small can you get a 386, and how many on a wafer..
    NOW can you use them as Multi core..and run Win8 on them..

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