Art Controller Automatic Cat Feeder

Our friend Jonathan Foote, after a disappointing experience with a commercially available timed cat feeder, hooked up one of our Art Controller relay boards to an automated candy machine and posted about the project.

Jonathan says, “The resulting hack will reliably and elegantly deliver meals to my favorite pet.”

8 thoughts on “Art Controller Automatic Cat Feeder

  1. It looks like an excellent implementation for the functionality, but if this is what you’re feeding to your favorite pet, I wouldn’t want to be your favorite “anything”. Cats are predators, and should eat food that is as close to their natural food as possible. That’s not it…

    1. Since we’ve had cats with diet related medical issues, we’ve learned to be less critical of other people’s choices in what they feed their pets.

      1. My experience (with several cats) is that the cat will hunt if it wants, regardless of the kind of food.

  2. I was under the impression cats came with built-in automatic feeders? They eat when they’re hungry and leave the rest in the bowl. Not so much the dogs, they’ll happily eat until they’re physically ill… Then eat that.

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