Surface Mount LEDs on a Through-hole PCB

Peggy 2le Surface Mount

Peter T. recently stopped by our shop with his Peggy 2LE and showed us his incredibly cool hack. He had noticed that the 0.1″ pin spacing for a standard through-hole LED is just about perfect to accommodate LEDs in a 1206 surface mount package.

Peggy 2le Surface Mount

Once he had finished populating all the LED locations, he brought it by again. He used an alignment jig he had made to keep everything in straight rows while soldering.

Peggy 2le Surface Mount

The surface mount LEDs look great on the grid designed for T-1 3/4!

Peggy 2le Surface Mount

We plugged it in so we could see his pretty orange LEDs in action. Thanks to Peter for bringing it by and letting us take pictures!

4 thoughts on “Surface Mount LEDs on a Through-hole PCB

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am new to electronics, however i have resonablily enough knoledge.

    recently i had done twitter display on peggy by combining few available codes of arduino, peggy2 and some php code thrown works fine.

    Now i want each LED of peggy2 to be connected with 5V relay. so that i can use relay to switch on the window light of a building. there will be 25×25 windows.

    My question is how can i use 0 to 5v output of peggy LED to switch on and off a 5v relay. LED voltage is just between 1v to 3v while i measured in multimeter.

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