Fab Academy CNC Workstation Cart

CNC Workstation cart from Fab Academy
Erin posted on the Make blog about large scale CNC projects at Fab Academy, including a CNC workstation cart based on our design made by Lina Monaco. Lina goes into more details in her post here.

To design it I started from the Evil Mad Scientist’s CNC Workstation Cart redrawing to adapted it to our necessity as an horizontal PC, cables space inside, and last but not least without any screw or glue.

No screw no glue drawers

She posts about her design process, including prototyping using a laser cutter to make a scale model. It looks great—we especially like the cutout drawer handle design.

4 thoughts on “Fab Academy CNC Workstation Cart

  1. It’s a really nice design, but no design files to share? Not that she has to, but one hopes… :)

  2. This reminds me of something I keep meaning to mention: There is an enormous range of sizes, prices, and intended uses for CNC machines out there, from the Makesmith CNC to giants from Shopsabre and Industrial CNC. EMS Labs seems like the perfect crew to look to for recommendations about the entry-level to low-commercial kinds, for plastic, wood, and metal. Getting ahold of the essentials is a bit boggling for me, and I’m sure any number of makers, mad scientists, and starting make/hack-spaces would love that kind of overview, even a brief one.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. One of the problems with a review of that sort is that the field of options is changing so rapidly, that as soon as you post it it will be obsolete. The last time we went looking was several years ago, and the offerings are incredibly different now.

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