East Bay Mini Maker Faire 2016

AxiDraw drawing machine

We are excited to be demonstrating the AxiDraw at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire on October 23 at the Park Day School in Oakland.

If  you can join us, you can use discount code “MakerRockstar” when purchasing tickets online for 15% off.

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One thought on “East Bay Mini Maker Faire 2016

  1. Our makerspace (Tinkermill) was at the Northern Colorado Mini Makefaire with an old HP 7475A pen plotter. I attached it to a Raspberry Pi via serial. We ran a program that accepted someone’s name, applied a hash function and used that as a seed for a pseudo random number generator. The random numbers were used to establish X Y coordinates for starting points. The person’s name was plotted and a circuit of the points was drawn not including a line from the last point back to the first. Each point was then moved 1/20 the distance toward the next point and another circuit was drawn. Thus we had a machine that could turn your name into a piece of art that was almost unique to your name. We went through a ream of paper during the two days of the faire. Something you might want to consider for demoing your AxiDraw.

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