1 thought on “East Bay Mini Maker Faire 2016

  1. Our makerspace (Tinkermill) was at the Northern Colorado Mini Makefaire with an old HP 7475A pen plotter. I attached it to a Raspberry Pi via serial. We ran a program that accepted someone’s name, applied a hash function and used that as a seed for a pseudo random number generator. The random numbers were used to establish X Y coordinates for starting points. The person’s name was plotted and a circuit of the points was drawn not including a line from the last point back to the first. Each point was then moved 1/20 the distance toward the next point and another circuit was drawn. Thus we had a machine that could turn your name into a piece of art that was almost unique to your name. We went through a ream of paper during the two days of the faire. Something you might want to consider for demoing your AxiDraw.

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