Hilbert Curve Cat

Shy wrote in to tell us about a tool he created to generate Hilbert curves from images for plotting called Image2Hilbert. (Main GitHub project link, here: )

Shy says:

I added a calculation in the interface and this line is approximately 35.881 meters long and it took about 45 minutes to draw.

Thank you, Shy, for sharing this tool! We look forward to seeing what people make with it.

5 thoughts on “Hilbert Curve Cat

  1. Thanks for the Tool Shy! I tried it out yesterday and it works fine. I plotted Che for a tryout, as I was searching for high-contrast pictures.

  2. Now that’s cool! I could see making some nice window-art designs with this and 3D printing in a 1mm deep layer of plastic. I’m guessing that importing the file into SketchUp and then making an STL would be laborious but not impossible.

  3. Hilbert-curve designs would work as embroidery: just straight lines with angles. Blackwork, if you do hand embroidery, would be a natural for it. (Running stitch or double-running stitch, if you’ve ever seen blackwork. Or maybe chain stitch/tambour work.)

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