Linkdump: July 2017

Street art by Tom Bob

1 thought on “Linkdump: July 2017

  1. The AI art ownership question is tough.

    If Alice creates an neural net and trains it on Bob’s art, who owns the completely new art in Bob’s style? They were created indirectly by Alice, but it was a product of Bob’s artistic creativity. Is training an AI on Bob’s art different than a human studying Bob’s art and mimicking the style?

    I was thinking about that with the voice-actor’s strike. Could a video game company use a neural network to replace a striking actor?

    Seems like soon they’ll be able to train a NN on the clips they bought for the first game in a series, and then use the NN for subsequent games, even if the actor is on strike.

    Even without a strike, That could be nasty for talent.

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