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Meringue peeps round-up

Finished peep Last week we showed you how to make your own Meringue Chicks.

Since then, a few brave souls have tried it out and posted pictures of their own homemade Pseudo-Peeps.  You can see some photos at
Assorted Notions and in the Recipe Maven community, who also show off some interesting meringue bunnies. Speaking of assorted meringue animals, we might have to make these silly snails next time.

It’s fairly off-topic, but while browsing pictures of Peeps on flickr this week, we also came across this reminder (NSFPL – not safe for peep lovers) of what’s in regular old peeps. We’ll stick to meringue, thanks.

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Saffron Meringue Chicks

Saffron Peeps

Marshmallow Peeps have an amazing cult following, and it’s no wonder why: they are cute, abstract, colorful, ubiquitous, and sugary. While it sometimes seems that the entire human race is firmly in favor of performing cruel experiments on them, there is a little less consensus on whether or not one should actually eat them. Both sides of the aisle have their merits, of course, and more often than not the debate is merely over whether fresh or stale peeps are tastier. All debating aside, here’s a gourmet option for fans of Peeps that prefer to stuff their gizzards with something other than mass-produced marshmallows: Saffron Meringue Chicks!
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