6 thoughts on “Play with your food: Pac-Man Papadums

  1. Lol, I thought i was common knowledge how to make papads. Use the Lijjat (Pink Bunny) ones, they are made in Mumbai (my town :D) by improverished women (non profit organisation.) See if you can add a little "do you daily good" part in there.



  2. Dude… the way of cooking the papadams were bloody unhealthy!

    Use your thongs to hold them above the fire… less burns, less blackish stuff

    1. Thongs?

      We happen to like food that is a little bit charred on the edges.
      The ones shown here are particularly well burnt because areas where
      features are cut are particularly vulnerable to fire. In any case, I expect
      that it’s still not quite as unhealthy as deep frying them.

      I must say that I’ve been amazed at the number of different opinions that
      have been voiced about how papadums are supposed to be
      cooked. It looks to me as though there is more than one correct
      answer. This evening, we went out to dinner at a place where the
      papadums were deep fried… those were pretty good too!

      Windell H. Oskay

    1. We mentioned that in the article as one of the ways that they are cooked. There are other valid ways to cook them as well; I happen to prefer the flavor when they are flame roasted, and some people prefer deep fried.

      Windell H. Oskay

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