State resident names, corrected.

You may have seen the list of state resident names. It’s a big list that tells you that a person from Texas is called a Texan, a person from California is called a Californian, and so on. However, you know and I know that there’s something wrong with the list; it just seems artificial. It’s like someone filled in the obvious ones (Iowan…) and then made up the rest.

Here, I present my corrected version of the fifty US state resident names.

State Official Version Corrected Version
Alabama Alabamian(!), Alabaman Alabamer, ‘Bamer
Alaska Alaskan Ice Boxer, Alasker
Arizona Arizonan, Arizonian(!) Zoner
Arkansas Arkansan Arkansasian
California Californian Californiac, Californicator
Colorado Coloradan, Coloradoan ‘Radder, Rectangle Stater
Connecticut Connecticuter, Nutmegger(!) Connecticutioner (Rhymes with executioner)
Delaware Delawarean Delawearer
Florida Floridian, Floridan Floradinian
Georgia Georgian George
Hawaii Hawaiian, malihini,
Idaho Idahoan Idahoer
Illinois Illinoisan Illinoyer
Indiana Indianian, Indianan, Hoosier Indian
Iowa Iowan Ioan (Like someone from Io.)
Kansas Kansan Kanser (Like the crab)
Kentucky Kentuckian Kentucker
Louisiana Louisianian, Louisianan Red Sticker
Maine Mainer Mainiac
Maryland Marylander Marylandian
Massachusetts Massachusettsan, Bay Stater Massachutter
Michigan Michiganian, Michigander (Michigander is awesome. I can’t beat it.)
Minnesota Minnesotan Minnesooter
Mississippi Mississippian Mississippier, Mississipper, ‘Sipper
Missouri Missourian Person who loves company
Montana Montanan MT Stater
Nebraska Nebraskan Nebber, Nebrasker
Nevada Nevadan, Nevadian Vader
New Hampshire New Hampshirite Hamster
New Jersey New Jerseyan, New Jerseyite Jersier, Jersey Cow, Shirt
New Mexico New Mexican Numi, NM’er, Nummer
New York New Yorker Empire Stater, Emperor
North Carolina North Carolinian Nokar
North Dakota North Dakotan Nodaker
Ohio Ohioan Ohier
Oklahoma Oklahoman OK Person, Okayer
Oregon Oregonian Oregonner, ‘Gonner
Pennsylvania Pennsylvanian Pencil
Rhode Island Rhode Islander Fred (That’s his name.)
South Carolina South Carolinian Soccer
South Dakota South Dakotan Sodaker, Soda
Tennessee Tennessean, Tennesseean Tennesseer, ‘Seer, Tennis Shoe
Texas Texan Texasan, Texasian
Utah Utahn, Utahan Utatian (Rhymes with “mutation”)
Vermont Vermonter Vermonster
Virginia Virginian East Virginian
Washington Washingtonian ‘Toner
Washington DC N/A DC’ver, Deceiver
West Virginia West Virginian Westerner
Wisconsin Wisconsinite Whisker
Wyoming Wyomingite Wyomer

Please feel free to contribute your own suggestions as comments!

13 thoughts on “State resident names, corrected.

    1. dang i thought i posted this. im gonna replace me with someone competent, if overqualified.
      windell’s name s are funner all right, but i ve lived in a few places, and people in call themselves and others bizarre things that outsiders never hear or think are just team names, but the teams were named after the people. ohions call ’emselves buckeyes; idahoans i know call emselves spuds, we oregonians are ducks not to mention beavers, and those of us in the state to the south are not "californicating" anything. we jerseyites hate the [ny] City kids calling us "bridge n tunnel people".
      there’s more but i got a cold. gnite, my fellow marycans
      signed, mrs j rossr
      property of whitefang, evilmadcat
      not from nebraska, not a nebbish

  1. Utah Utahn, Utahan Utatian (Rhymes with “mutation”)

    Utard (variation of retard) is also pretty common.

    Yes, I am a Utard!

      1. We call pretty much anyone from the north woods of Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan a yuper. People that speak like the characters in Fargo… those are the type.

        I live in Wisconsin, and a lot of people call us Sconnies.

  2. whitefang here again.
    sorry, people from louisiana [pronounced loo-zey-anna] are simply losers
    every new yorker knows the guy from nebraska is a nebbish

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