DIY Skirt Guards in the wild

Photo by Brittany Turner

Brittany recently let us know that she had made skirt guards for her bike using my instructable. She used floral wire instead of cable ties since that’s what she had on hand. The guard following the shape of the rack is a nice touch, too.

We always love hearing about your projects and seeing your photos in the flickr auxiliary! Keep ’em coming!

2 thoughts on “DIY Skirt Guards in the wild

  1. I liked reading about your instructable. I thought it was funny that you explained about tulle and didn’t explain cable ties. Where do you buy cable ties, anyway? I’d never seen one before I started at my company, and those are always just "procured".

    1. Cable ties, or sometimes "multi-purpose ties" are available at most hardware, electronics, office supply, home improvement and sometimes even grocery stores. You can get them online just about anywhere–Amazon has tons, but we often get ours at McMaster-Carr. If you have a local electronics surplus store, you might check there, as the prices are likely to be relatively good, but even Home Depot usually has a decent price on the assorted canister of 500.

      If you ride a bike, you should carry a couple of extra cable ties in your tool kit–they’re great for quick fixes on the road.

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