Improved handbags of holding

D12 bag8

The retro-dork-chic-DIY D12 handbag is back and better than ever– We’ve added a zipper, a handle cord, panel stiffeners and beautiful numbers.

D12 bag7

Comparing this side by side to the original, it looks as though the original is getting floppier. That’s partly age, and partly just how much nicer the new model is. The new version is easier to assemble and holds its shape much better, thanks to internal pentagonal stiffeners that are fused to each face. The neat and tidy zipper closure is much neater and more reliable than the original magnetic enclosure.

And… those athletic style numbers (which are the best that our local craft stores carry) just had to go! We used a neat font called BPreplay to get simple rounded numbers that look like they could have been carved into a die. But we carved them with a laser: They’re made from cotton-poly blend which fuses as it is laser cut so that it the edges of the numbers won’t fray. Finally, the new handle cord is an obvious improvement over the simple fabric strip on the first verison.

And, by popular demand, we’ve designed a d20 as well:

D20 instrux b25

The d20 has the same basic design as the new d12– complete with triangular internal stiffener panels to give it the right shape.

Today we’re releasing both of these new designs along with their patterns and assembly instructions. The d12 project is documented here and the d20 project is documented here. We’re also making kit versions of both projects available here.

As always, if you are inspired to make something by our projects, we’d love to see the results in the Evil Mad Scientist flickr Auxiliary.

10 thoughts on “Improved handbags of holding

  1. My oldest son is just getting D&D and also has a dice collection. I was going to suggest a mini version of this bag to hold dice but I see you’ve already thought of that. Excellent! Now I just have to talk someone who can sew into making it for him…

  2. This is going to be SOOO popular! I ordered two. I can probably sew this, after all a sewing machine is just another power tool. If not, I can get my wife’s help, she’s an extreme quilter.

  3. I LOVE THIS! I’m a roller derby girl and my persona is Critical Hit this is a perfect for afterparties!! I want to make a large one one in my team colors and I noticed on the print out pattern it doesn’t have the zipper size needed. It might save some people time and trips to the fabric store if you listed zipper length and fabric yardage on the print out! I am so excited to start this project!

    1. Woops – will add those! Yardage is up to 12"x24" for each type of material (less for some). Zipper is 9" for d12 and small d20 and 14" for large d20 (you can get by with 12", but 14" will give you wiggle room).

  4. I see that ThinkGeek is selling "Dice Handbag Kits" that are remarkably similar to yours. I hope you’re getting a cut of that action.

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