RoboGames Awards

RoboGames Awards (on)

We’ve been helping out RoboGames with getting the award designs ready for next weekend. We just got the final prototypes done and handed over for production and we’re loving how they turned out! The awesome official artwork by Doctor Popular (below) features prominently on the medals, lit by throwie-style LEDs hidden between layers of acrylic. You want one of these around your neck, don’t you?

The event runs Friday-Sunday, June 12-14 at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Get your tickets now!

We’ll be bringing CandyFab to show off and lots of kits and pretty LEDs for sale. We hope to see lots of you there next weekend!

2 thoughts on “RoboGames Awards

  1. they look totally awsome.
    what did you use to engrave the medals with? It looks too perfect to be done by hand.

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