Another use for used inner tubes

Tree staking 3

Even after one too many flats, a used bike inner tube has plenty of uses. One more to add to the list: it can be used as a cushion between a tree trunk and a staking wire.

Tree staking 1

Cut the valve section out and cut the tube in half. For extra padding, use a double layer of tubing by pulling a section of tube through itself.

Tree staking 2

One regular bike tube makes two generously sized padding pieces, even after doubling them over. You’re ready to thread your wire through and stake up your tree!

You can also trim off a few pieces to make bike tube rubber bands.

4 thoughts on “Another use for used inner tubes

  1. I know someone who makes floggers out of bike tubes. Besides upcycling, they’re also vegan!

    1. Old inner tubes work great for water fights.

      First, excise any blowouts. Then tie a knot in one end, and put the other end over a faucet to fill. Road tires will fit garden spigots, but wider tires might be better filled in the bathtub.

      If you have an air pocket you can drain it off with the valve.

      When it’s about 7 inches thick, shut off the water and pinch closed the open end. Chase your enemies and unpinch.

  2. Hi Windell:

    I can confirm that bike tires can be quite useful when supporting either rope, string, copper wire, or even plastic tubing to a tree. I have used them on live oak, red oak, aspen, maple, and ponderosas. No tree has ever had permanent marks on it even after two years of holding the same. The aspen trees will get a bit smooth in the place where the tube is, but nothing worse than deer could ever do to it.

    Los Alamos

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