We’re looking for a few good eggs

American Eggs

Our Egg-Bot kit— a compact open-source robotics platform –is on schedule to come out later this summer, and we could use a little help getting it ready. We’re looking for 2-3 more volunteers with programming experience to help us test and polish our cross-platform Inkscape driver.

As a volunteer, you’ll get (1) to be one of the first to play with these awesome little machines, (2) an acknowledgement in the kit release, and of course (3) a prerelease Egg-bot kit (screwdriver-type assembly but no soldering required) that you can keep.

Here are the baseline requirements:

  1. At least two platforms (of Mac, Linux, and Windows) that you can test things on
  2. Programming experience in Python
  3. US resident (A matter of mailing time, in this case!)
  4. Enough free time and enthusiasm to help out with the project this month

If you meet these requirements (especially the enthusiasm part), drop us a line on our contact form and let us know a bit about you. We’ll be accepting applications through July 9.

We’ll be giving bonus points for the following as well, so be sure and let us know:

  • Enthusiasm for and/or experience in robotics education
  • Mad art skillz
  • Mad programming skillz
  • You happen to be located in Silicon Valley
  • Cross-platform experience in python
  • Experience with Inkscape
  • Experience with Processing


Update: Holy crap that was fast— we’re already overwhelmed by volunteers– you guys rock!

5 thoughts on “We’re looking for a few good eggs

  1. Ok. Those requirements sound really neat.

    But what if, get this…I meet none of them? I just want one.

    Does that count?

    I mean really want one. Super-wanty.

    Can I make for computer egg printy stuffs, too?

  2. Stoked ! Can’t wait to print on ping pong balls and light them up with LEDs!
    Unfortunately I don’t meet all the requirements, wish you all good luck!

  3. I’m close, but don’t meet the "Python" requirements. Maybe not the free time requirement either. I’ll have to wait for the kit.

  4. over the course of a lifetime i’ve had to learn pl-1, pascal, perl and php. even a little processing. now, python? not fair. getting peeved.

    think the next big thing should be called #@&!.

    try getting that past bash.

    oh, well. off to the bookstore and another exciting day browsing the computer languages section.

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