The 555 Footstool Design


By popular request, we are releasing the design files for our famous 555 Footstool project.


The design is made from 23 pieces of 1/2″ hardwood plywood, laminated together, in a sort of manual 3D printing process.


The design files are in Inkscape SVG format, and you can download the design here (a 28 kB .zip file).

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10 thoughts on “The 555 Footstool Design

  1. What do those groves on the pieces do? Do I have to cut the slanted ends after gluing the pieces together? I see no slanted pieces in the photo.

  2. This is great! I made my own version on these files several years ago after seeing your design. I measured the images and made drawings. Never used them afterwards… I should pull mine back out and compare to see how close I was. Thanks for releasing these!

  3. Thank you for finally doing this! Now I have to find a local wood mill that has CNC capabilities.

    One thing I’m confused about: Isn’t there 15 hex pieces, not 13? I count 15 on the drawing and in the picture above.

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