DIY Deck Ambiance with Flickering LEDs

Jack Olsen (of the awesome 12-Gauge Garage) wrote in about using our flickering LEDs to line the deck and pergola he had just built.

He says, “The LED candle effect is great, and really gives the place a relaxed feel at night.” You can read more about the deck project over at the Garage Journal forums, where he describes the build in more detail:

It has 28 real candles on it that I’ve hollowed out to accommodate flickering LED lights. It’s pretty convincing.

I have a pair of 3 v power supplies — each feeds half the light set. They’re plugged into a switched outlet with wire running down along the edge/underside of the deck and up through one of the pillars, then sneaking around the back of the wooden frieze thing and into holes drilled in the backside of the frame.

He even sent us a before shot, so you can see just how from-the-ground-up building the deck was. Thanks for sharing your project with us!

All photos by Jack Olsen.