PCB Etching with AxiDraw

Patricio Gonzalez Vivo has been using AxiDraw for circuit board etching experiments.

He draws on copper clad boards with a Sharpie marker with the AxiDraw.

Drawing is followed by a chemical bath.

The marker is cleaned off of the remaining copper to reveal the design. It came out beautifully.

If you’ve used the AxiDraw for marker masking for etching, we’d love to hear about it!

1 thought on “PCB Etching with AxiDraw

  1. Ooh…this has some fun implications for EggBot art!

    Copper plate a wooden, glass or plastic egg shape, ping-pong ball, etc.

    Use EggBot and Sharpie to create the positive art on the object’s surface.

    Full immersion etch in a glass beaker?

    Clean the copper and consider next steps.

    Have you ever silver plated over copper?

    Don’t just think about plating ON something solid like glass.

    How about amping up the plating to grow plenty of metal on a plastic object, then acetone or other solvent to dissolve the object out from under the plated metal.

    Lots of fun ideas!

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