Sorry, we’re open!

Sorry, We're Open

We used to live in Austin, Texas, and welcomed the Austin Maker Faire this past October as an excuse to go back and visit. We had a great time at the fair, where our high tech pumpkins (especially the snapping pumpkins) garnered several editor’s choice ribbons.

It was really fun to be back in Austin and remember what we loved so much. One of the things we really miss is the food. I took the picture above of the beautiful neon sign at Magnolia, one of the best of restaurants. Not only do they serve really good food, but they’re open 24/8. The distinct lack of independent 24 hour restaurants in silicon valley is somewhat depressing, but we’re glad to see that the culture is still thriving in Austin, where Magnolia has opened a second branch.

Of course, we inevitably also were reminded of what we don’t love so much. You know how they say that everything is bigger in Texas? Well, it’s true about the bugs.

8 thoughts on “Sorry, we’re open!

  1. *sigh*

    I miss Austin, but I especially miss Magnolia’s. I used to work right up the street from them on Lake Austin Blvd. Ahhhhh many an excellent lab lunch we had there.

  2. "…but they’re open 24/8."

    Hehe, they say everything’s bigger in Texas, but I never thought the number of days in a week would be bigger too! : P

    – Creech

    1. Octeday
      it’s the 8th day of the week on the Disc :)
      Now i am just trying to remember the book that had the shop that was open 24/8 in the books (Discworld series by Terry Pratchett)

  3. Yep that bug is just about right for Dallas.
    Don’t you damn yankees know why cowboy boots got pointy toes? Ta kill them bug with boy, gets ’em in corners and everything.
    Damn you guys just don’t give us Texans a even break do ya? Thats ok us Texans know why, it’s cuz you jealous of the great state of Texas! lol

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