Asteroids (the edible kind)

complete - 1

Pew Pew Pew!!! Nom Nom Nom!!!

complete - 4

Asteroids. And cookies. Their fusion was only a matter of time.

Raw - 2

For this project we had originally intended to follow one of the instruction sets to make our own DIY cookie cutters– there are a number of good methods posted online. Amongst others, you can make them
from metal shim,
from copper strip,
from a baking pan, or
from a kit.

But, since we actually don’t plan to make these on a regular basis, we ended up just cutting out the shapes (one by one) with a hobby knife. This is a clean method, but it is slow and takes patience. A sharp and fresh blade helps.

Cooked - 3

The cookie dough is from this chocolate graham cracker recipe.

In the past we’ve used sugar cookie dough (and similar recipes) with cookie cutters. But they actually tend to flow during baking more than we’d like. By comparison, this graham cracker recipe works remarkably well. It cuts cleanly and– as you can see above –it holds its shape under baking.

It’s also nice and dark.

Frosted - 2

The frosting is a simple layer of piped royal icing, placed as a single bead with a single width, to emulate a vector graphics display. For us, this is the weak point in the process; it requires skill. (You may have far more frosting-fu than we do.)

Frosted - 4

To represent the bullets, we added these small filled-in squares.

complete - 6

Serve carefully arranged, on a dark background.

complete - 2

Mmmm. Vector graphics.

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  1. only one question, where is the milky way when you need it (i know, bad joke, baaaaaad joke)

    1. Have you every heard any jokes made by engineers or scientists? I’m willing to bet your one of those two. If not, then welcome brother, we’ve been expecting you.

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