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Robots of BarBot 2013

Here are a few of the robots in attendance at BarBot 2013:

Schroedinger's Martini

Schrödinger’s Martini, in which the amount of vermouth is indeterminate until box is opened and the drink observed.


Thinbot, pouring impeccably mixed drinks with style.

Tiki Bot and Manhattan Shake

Manhattan Project and Mai Tai Project.

Outta Time

Outta Time, with a new LED lit control panel.

Tipsy Bot

Tipsy Bot, using Legos to tip ingredients into your glass.

Drink Making Unit 2.1

Our very own Drink Making Unit 2.1.

Barbot 2013

SW500 500SW (5:00 Somewhere) became affectionately known as Drink Drink Revolution or Dance Dance Intoxication. It judged your dancing skills and served you a drink thematically appropriate to your style.

Barbot 2013

Santa Barbot mixes drinks with super soaker components.

barbot 2013

Not all the robots were serving drinks, and this lampshade-wearing robot seemed like it may have had a few too many.


No party is complete without R2D2, who wasn’t being used as a roving drink tray, since there were plenty of other robots to serve the humans.

Updated Nov. 9 to correct 500SW’s name.

BarBot 2013 Pictures

Barbot 2013

The first night of Barbot is over, but there’s still one more night to go! Drink Making Unit 2.1 made a successful first public debut. Its “Vodka” switch was a hit, and it was perhaps the only bot that was able to pour non-alcoholic beverages. We managed to get a few pictures from the event before it got too crowded and have published them in a flickr set. Shown above is the control panel for Outta Time, illuminated with some of our very own LEDs.

Tickets for tonight’s event (ages 21+) are still available.

Drink Making Unit 2.1

DMU 2.1 - 19
DMU 2.1 - 15

While we are better known for other types of art robots (like the Eggbot and now the WaterColorBot), we have also been involved with cocktail robotics for the past few years.

After a half-dozen cocktail robotics event over the past couple of years, we’ve had a chance to refit our famous bar-bot, Drink Making Unit 2.0, with a few well-earned upgrades.  Read on for the gory details!

Continue reading Drink Making Unit 2.1

Tinker and Drinker at the Tech Museum

We’ll be at The Tech Museum in San Jose for their After Hours Tinker and Drinker event, Wednesday, December 7, from 6 pm to 11 pm. Tickets are available online for guests ages 21+.

We’re bringing along Drink Making Unit 2.0, one of our favorite combinations of tinkering and drinking. It will be serving non-alcoholic drinks during the event. Hope to see you there!

Cocktail Robotics in Portland

Robots vs Humans Flyer

As a part of Portland Cocktail Week, we’ll be participating in a cocktail robotics event called “Humans vs. Robots” at the Jupiter Hotel on Saturday night with Drink Making Unit 2.0. The event runs from 8 pm to midnight.

Drink-Making-Unit-2.0 - 28

We’ll be there with a couple of other bay area barbots, Chassis and Cosmobot. We’re happy to be helping to propagate the impending robot uprising through the human fondness for alcoholic beverages.

National Robotics Week


It’s National Robotics Week, and for us that means RoboGames!

BarBot 2011 gave us just a taste of what is to come this weekend at the huge international robotics competition in San Mateo. We rounded up some video links of Drink Making Unit 2.0:

Lots of the BarBot partygoers posted photos to flickr too, including a huge set from Spaceman Sam and lots more from ekai, nicolecwongninavisshackmancoltairek0re, shifzr and amyr_81.

We’ll be at RoboGames all weekend, participating in the symposium and selling a few choice kits and components. So get your tickets now! If you’re not in the bay area check the National Robotics Week event listingsto find an event near you.

Photo from BarBot 2011 by Samuel Coniglio.

Drink Making Unit 2.0

Drink-Making-Unit-2.0 - 22

Barbot 2011, the cocktail robotics exhibition, is happening on Friday and Saturday nights this weekend– April 1 and 2 –in San Francisco. If you haven’t been to one of these events (and you happen to like both cocktails and robots), let me tell you: you are missing out.

Last year we built the aptly named Drink Making Unit for the event. The Drink Making Unit used three –ahem– food-safe pumps to craft white russians, and was quite a hit at the show– especially amongst people who recognized the pumps.

This year, we’ve designed a brand new bartending machine, Drink Making Unit 2.0, which we are pleased to unveil today, and unleash upon the world this weekend.

Aside from the once-again-apt-but-not-very-descriptive name, Drink Making Unit 2.0 has very little in common with last year’s machine. The mechanism is all new, and features elements borrowed from sources as diverse as pet stores, chemistry labs, and Japanese gardens. It dispenses any six fluids (up from three), in metered and selectable quantities, and also sports an all-new extra-snazzy control panel. Continue reading Drink Making Unit 2.0