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Voronoi Pumpkins

We’re big fans of Voronoi diagrams, and use them in StippleGen so it’s awesome to see them in 3D printed pumpkins this Halloween season. Voronoi Pumpkin #1 shown above is available through Shapeways, along with the equally creatively named Voronoi Pumpkin #2. There’s also a Voronoi Jack-o-Lantern on Ponoko, and more even more Voronoi Pumpkins on Thingiverse.

Open Source Pumpkin PCB

The Great Pumpkin PCB on a pumpkin!

Eric over at Low Voltage Labs has posted up his design for a simple PCB ideal for putting an LED into a pumpkin. This is very much like our simple LED pumpkin project but in a neat, reusable format. And it makes a mighty cute little jack-o-lantern all on its own.

KiCAD - pumpkin PCB layout

He has made it available as a kit with PCB, switch, resistor, battery holder and the same candle flicker LEDs which we love so much. Unfortunately, the kit is currently sold out. Hopefully he’ll make more, if not in time for this Halloween, then at least for next year.

East Bay Mini Maker Faire


We’re headed to the East Bay Mini Maker Faire this Sunday, October 16th at the Park Day School in Oakland. And we have a discount code for you! Enter EGGBOT to get 15% off tickets purchased online.

We had a great time last year, and are excited to be taking the Eggbot back for more fun. We’re also bringing along the Ostrich Eggbot, which can fit even larger pumpkins. The lineup of makers for the event looks great, and the schedule includes an all-star cast of presenters, lots of workshops, and three music stages. Hope to see you there!

Photo by smerlo03 on flickr under cc-by-nc license.

Halloween Projects from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

The Great Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories Halloween Project Archive!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, and our collection of Halloween projects continues to grow. Every fall we update it to include our latest projects for the season. In the list that follows, we’ve organized dozens of our Halloween projects into categories: costumes, pumpkins, decor and food.

Last updated: 10/2019.

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