Halloween Projects from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

The Great Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories Halloween Project Archive!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, and our collection of Halloween projects continues to grow. Every fall we update it to include our latest projects for the season. In the list that follows, we’ve organized dozens of our Halloween projects into categories: costumes, pumpkins, decor and food.

Last updated: 10/2019.

If you’re inspired by one of these projects to make something, we’d love to see photos in the flickr auxiliary!

Bat costume - 04 Bat costume - 01
The Umbrella Bat Costume (Link)

Bat costume - 02 New wing
The (Slightly) Anatomically Accurate Umbrella Bat Costume (Link)More Black Stripes In the daylight
A Traveling Exhibition of Modern Art (the Halloween Costume) (Link)

FSM Costume - 01.jpg 
Make a Flying Spaghetti Monster Costume (Link)

 Croc Costume - 10.jpg
Crocodile Costume (Link)

LED Tie - 28 LED Tie - 19
Kraftwerk Tie (Link)

Pumpkinhead 2 Pumpkinhead 1
Pumpkinheads (Link)

giant sword giant sword
Giant sword (Link)

3D Goggles 3D Goggles
3D Goggles (Link)

Robot heart Robot heart parts
Robot heart (Link)

Lab coat
Drawing on costumes with AxiDraw (Link)

Baggie Red Eye
Make A Cylon Jack-O-Lantern (Link)

Carved Cylon pie pumpkin MiniPOV3 Cylon
MiniPOV Cylon (Link)

Larson Scanner Pumpkin Larson Scanner Kit
The Larson Scanner Kit (Link)

Guts - 06.jpg Snapper - 09
Make a Robotic Snap-O-Lantern (Link)

Attaching long wires 2 
Easy Itty-Bitty Blinky LED Jack-O’-Lantern (Link)

Dalek Body-- under construction 
A Robotic Dalek Pumpkin (Link)

DarkPumpkin - 03 DarkPumpkin - 11
A dark detecting circuit for your jack-o’-lantern (Link)

Carving Tools Gourds
Easy halloween project: 8-bit gourds! (Link)

SolarCircuits - 09 Solar Pumpkin
Simple solar circuits (Link)

stockpumpkin - 05 stockpumpkin - 11
Stock Ticker Pumpkin: Scariest Jack-o’-Lantern of 2008 (Link)

Rovin' Pumpkin Rovin Pumpkin
Rovin Pumpkin (Link)

sequence - 14 sleepypumpkin - 11
A pumpkin that sleeps like a Mac (Link)

egg1 egg3
Printing on a strangely shaped egg (Link)

Fixturing in Eggbot October 2010 - 04
Eggbotting for Halloween (Link)

Fixturing in Eggbot
Pumpkin Faces for EggBot (Link)

Blinky-o-lantern in the dark Blinky-o-lantern off
Blinky Pumpkin (Link)

TinyPumpkinArmy - 37 TinyPumpkinArmy - 07
Your own private mini-pumpkin jack O’lantern army (Link)

SimplePumpkins - 11 SimplePumpkins - 08
Simple LED Pumpkins (Link)

LED Ghostie - 9 LED Ghostie
LED Ghosties (Link)

Headless horseman 
How to hack LEDs into Lego minifigures for Halloween (Link)

Monsieur Alligataur The Astronaut Twins
Lego Abominations (Link)

Maulie-10 Maulie-25
Turning Mollie into Maulie (Link)

Peggy-O-Lantern (Link)

24 Hour Tombstones Cutting letters
24 Hour Tombstones (Link)

Magnetic Googly Eyes 21 Magnetic Googly Eyes: Supplies!
Magnetic Googly Eyes (Link)

turned on with cover for blue Parts for flicker circuit
Flickering LEDs for props and pumpkins (Link)

Art Controller Art Controller Parts
Art Controller Kit, for controlling your Halloween effects (Link)

Halloween Candy Magnets
Halloween Candy Magnets (Link)

Solderless Flickery Flame (Link)

red/yellow flickery flame kit white/warm white flickery flame kit
Flickery Flame Soldering Kits (Link)

psychedelic flame kit psychedelic flame kit
Psychedelic Flame Soldering Kit (Link)

On the plate cooking
Cooking hot dogs via electrocution (Link)

Nilla Googly FSM
Edible Googly Eyes (Link)

Choco Ball1 Truffles
Pumpkin Spice Truffles (Link)

Caprese - 05 Caprese - 16
Eyeball Caprese (Link)

thinginajar - 35 thinginajar - 45
Halloween Cuisine: Sweet or Savory Specimen Jars (Link)

Crunchy Frogs01 Crunchy Frogs12
Crunchy Frogs (Link)

Mermaid Purse 14 Mermaid Purse 13
Mermaid Purse (Link)

1 thought on “Halloween Projects from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

  1. I love Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, but most of the time I read it and think, “Wow… that’s so cool, but… huh-wha?” because when it comes to circuits and such things I am most definitely unschooled.

    HOWEVER, this Halloween I got it into my head to do some sort of functioning robot pumpkin for my company’s pumpkin carving competition, which led me to the absolutely fantastic Dalek pumpkin. Since I am functionally retarded where circuits, servos, etc. are concerned, I ended up cheating somewhat – repurposing the chassis of an RC jeep to make the thing move, or installing an IR remote controlled Lego motor to turn the head, for example – but the result was good enough to take first place.

    In my mind I envisioned a Victorian steampunk-style robot, but we only had an hour to complete our masterpieces, so the end result wasn’t 100% the vision in my brain – like the cardboard base sprayed with stone-textured spray paint did not look very stone-like – but hey. It was fun.

    Here it is in action:

    Steampunk’in on YouTube

    Thanks for the site. It’s inspirational!!!

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